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PLJ Cargo Logistics

PLJ Cargo Logistics is a company of Honduran origin that provides integral solutions for the problems of logistics, through services of the highest quality.

Our impeccable business curriculum at national and international level, speaks about the quality of our services, as well as the people who make up our company.


PLJ Cargo Logistics

Since our foundation we have set up a working group of logistics specialists who have allowed us to become their best strategic partner.

This approach has not only made us a reliable supplier of top-quality services, but also a pioneer in logistics. For us, customers are the most important thing. Because only together will it be possible to achieve success. And so we can practice our philosophy that does not aim to do business at any price, but to assume a social responsibility and always act in the interest of the client. In short, we carry out our activity in one of the sectors Most important in the world.