• Air Service

    PLJ CARGO can handle your express shipments through our air service. We have airport service to airport in the whole world.

  • Terrestrial Service

    We can also help you with your land load movements. Whether you need local courier service or from one side of the country to the other, in the USA, CHINA, PANAMA, GUATEMALA and HONDURAS. We can help you with favorable prices and the best delivery times.


Air consolidations

We are in charge of the grouping of goods belonging to several consignees, assembled to be transported.

Services at the level of the continent

We have presence in the most important cities

Courier Service

We offer courier service that is characterized by fast delivery, tracking and security of the items that are delivered.

Purchasing agent for commercial and personal products from the United States and China

We have the staff trained to make any purchase that our client needs


We have our own warehouse for the storage of all its products.


It is used to cover and protect their products during the transport of the same is done, in containers, boxes or containers.

Product Labeling

The most important functions of labeling are to identify the person responsible for the product, which may be the manufacturer , distributor, seller, packer, transformer, importer

Inventory and tracking number online

The company counts with a very effective online monitoring since we can see where the load is by means of a tracking number (tracking).

Thought Business

The daily acts of PLJ people are always framed in honesty, uprightness and truth.

The daily action is framed in the fulfillment of the commitments acquired, in a timely manner. The payment policy of the company, maintain as a guiding principle the respect for the agreement and the opportunity. Always remain in the company's internal business and processes, our commitment to transparency. Equality and respect for the dignity of persons are independent of the work they perform. The success we can have over time, allows us to be an organization willing to learn and recognize our mistakes. Generate a work environment of harmony and teamwork, which helps us to improve our human potential every day And be the basis for personal and business growth.